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Squawk Voices

Squawk Voices have become our go-to for outstanding VO artists. We really appreciate the speed at which they respond and provide options.

Alex Kemp,
Producer Recipe Advertising

Squawk has some great VOs available and they’re always very responsive and helpful. We’ve successfully used their VOs on audio advertising for some of the biggest and most well known global brands.

Chloe McLaren
Senior Audio Producer Forever Audio

Squawk are fast, friendly and have some really great authentic voices. Always helpful and keen to find a solution that works!

Mathilde Stone
Producer RocketMill


Squawk Voices is a leading London voiceover agency that’s not instantly easy to spell.

With over 20 years of experience working with UK and global voiceover artists, we do fancy ourselves as one of the best voiceover agents in London; bold, we know, but we pride ourselves in our ability to offer our clients exactly what they need with a super fast response time. When it comes to choosing a London voiceover agency, Squawk Voices should be at the top of your list.

P.S. Oh and a good way to remember how to spell Squawk; it ends in ‘awk’ because it’s awkward to spell.


With a curated roster of professional voice artists, we offer a diverse spectrum of voiceover capabilities to cater to your every need. Whether you’re seeking engaging commercial narration that captivates your audience, informative and authoritative corporate voiceovers, character voices that breathe life into animations and games, the soothing tones of audiobook narration, or AI assistants that will eventually gain sentience and annihilate the human race, we have it all. Our artists are experts in conveying the right emotions and delivering your message with clarity and impact.


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