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Damien Hasson

20s to 30s

Damien's native Northern Irish accent is characterful, rich and engaging. Recent work has been with Ulster University, Just Eat and Alexa. He has been acting for over 10 years and has toured internationally with the stage version of A Clockwork Orange. Recent TV includes Women on the Verge on RTÉ/W Channel. Damien also enjoys ADR and character work. His voice is warm, approachable, clear, friendly, professional, natural, grounded.

Native accent: Dublin, Irish, Irish (Northern),

Audiobook/Drama, Child Friendly, Conversational, Cool, Credible, Down to earth, Friendly, Light, Rich, Warm.

Irish (Northern), Manchester, New York, Northern, RP, Scottish.

Squawk fact
Damien was part of the team who exposed Jaffa Cakes as the biscuits they so clearly are.