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Darrel Reynolds

A British voice actor with mixed British and Caribbean heritage, Darrel’s upbringing allows him to lean into both British and Jamaican accents. From a young age he’s had a passion for performing and started acting professionally between the ages of 10 and 22. As an onscreen actor, Darrel was fortunate enough to be cast in TV roles for ITV and CBBC as well as commercials for Playstation, KFC and Disney. In his spare time, Darrel makes hip-hop music and is able to draw from his experience in music and acting to bring a unique rhythmic cadence to his performances. Recently he has voiced commercials and corporate videos for Adidas, Comfort and Samaritans.

Native accent: Caribbean, Jamaican. London, Neutral,

Actor, Comedy, Conversational, Cool, Down to earth, Friendly, Improvisational, Rap, Streetwise, Urban, Warm.

Jamaican, RP.

Squawk fact
Darrel’s highest sporting achievement is a participation medal at the local "Canny Calculations" maths tournament.