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Dave Baird

30s to 40s

A natural, engaging and down-to-earth style with a great range of characters and accents. Having performed in BBC radio comedies and done stand-up, Dave has solid comedy skills.

Native accent: Bristol, West Country, Yorkshire,

Animation, Announcer, Blokeish, Character, Comedy, Conversational, Credible, Down to earth, Friendly, Fun, Gaming, Light, Quirky, Trailer, Versatile, Wacky, Warm.

Black Country, Bradford, Bristol, Cockney, Dorset, English Standard, General American, Geordie, Glasgow, Irish (Northern), Lancashire, Liverpool/Scouse, Manchester, New York, Northern, RP, Scottish, Somerset, Southern England, Swansea, Welsh, Yorkshire.

Squawk fact
Dave appeared in a Feeder video jumping on his bed.



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