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Geoff Arnold

I have a chirpy, welcoming, and animated voice, with a sense of honesty. I trained as an actor at Drama Centre London and have performed on stage, tv and film. I love character parts, and have played an array of contrasting roles - from Chaplain in the UK stage premier of Catch 22 to Detective Sergeant Trotter in The Mousetrap. I enjoy comedy, and when not acting you’ll find me bantering with passengers on the speedboats on the Thames, where I work as a Tour Guide and second crew. Think stand up, meets tour guide, meets boat crew, that's the gig.

Native accent: Estuary, Home counties, Neutral, RP,

Actor, Blokeish, Comedy, Conversational, Cool, Down to earth, Friendly, Improvisational, Warm.

American, Australian, Cockney, German, Irish (Northern), Liverpool/Scouse, Northern, RP, West Country.

Squawk fact
Geoff got stung on the ear by a wasp the day before he started secondary school, and was then known as the FA Cup for the whole first year.