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Linda Armstrong

30s to 40s

Linda is an intelligent, warm, cultured, sounding VO artist with good comedic skills learned from, amongst other places The Comedy Store London, & a career spanning 20 years playing leading & character roles in TV & on stage. She is a native to Derbyshire & Nottingham and thanks to her Waterford & Sligo roots, also has a very authentic southern irish sound. Linda is versatile performer with a good ear & and can easily switch between a variety of regional accents & characters.

Native accent: Derbyshire, Northern, Nottingham,

Announcer, Audiobook/Drama, Authoritative, Character, Child Friendly, Comedy, Conversational, Credible, Deep, Friendly, Fun, Glamorous, Improvisational, Light, Luxurious, Maternal, Posh, Quirky, Rich, RP, Sexy, Soft, Sophisticated, Versatile, Wacky, Warm.

American, Australian, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, East Midlands, Eastern European, Edinburgh, English Standard, French, General American, Glasgow, Irish (Northern), Irish (Southern), Liverpool/Scouse, London, Luton, Manchester, New York, Nottingham, RP, Scottish, Somerset, South African, Southern American, Welsh, Yorkshire.

Squawk fact
"During my first holiday in LA my sarong blew off as I was crossing the road at the intersection of Sunset & Hollywood Blvd. Most of the people who saw me in my knickers & grasping desperately for my disappearing garment were also going into the cinema to watch the same movie."