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Victoria Riley

20s to 40s

Victoria can easily move between a lively, fun and playful delivery for commercial work, to a reassuring, confident, warm and clear delivery for corporate work. Originally from Lancashire, she has a lovely Lancashire lilt, but is equally comfortable working in Standard British RP.  A trained actress with nineteen years of voiceover experience, Victoria spent ten years in theatre, before focusing on working behind the mic. Victoria was the station voice of Jack Radio for two years, delivering their saucily comic promos and imaging.

Native accent: Lancashire, Northern,

Actor, Bubbly, Child Friendly, Conversational, Credible, Friendly, Fun, Girl Next Door, Improvisational, Innocent, Light, Quirky, Singer, Warm.

American, Australian, General American, RP, Southern American.

Squawk fact
Vic barn danced all night with Mark Lamarr, who was inexplicably naked the whole time apart from a pair of boots. This has been fact checked and is NOT a dream.